26 November 2006

There is a particular story I have been meaning to share with all the readers out here.
So here how it roughly goes..

One fine day, a guy with unknown identity encounter a garden full of beautiful, blooming roses. Without hesitation, he enter the garden admiring the enchanting view. Soon a particular rose caught his attention and he decided to pluck it and bring it along with him. Off he goes to walk further. Throughout his journey, he did encounter more beautiful roses. Some even more beautiful than what he have in his hand. By that time, the rose in his hand is slowly withering away but nonetheless he still hold on to it. Eventhough he have the option to throw it away and pluck a new rose, he still hold on to it. In fact, he hold on to the same exact rose till his last breath.

Life is a matter of choice. Where you are, who you are with and what you want to be. It all depends on the choices you make in life. If you end up being a criminal, blame it on your choice not circumstances. If you end being a lawyer, thanks to your wise choice. :)

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