02 January 2007

I hope i am not too late to wish everyone


It is 2nd January 2007! Can you believe it how fast it goes by? We are here witnessing the new year. Amazing huh? The Countdown. The Enthusiasms. The Sales. All over now. Within a span of 2 days? That's something for sure. Like every new year we all have our new resolution. A fresh new start. Some even with a fresh new look. All brand new. For me this year like any other years will be a fresh new attitude. Well not a total change I have to admit first. Just a slight change in perceptions and how things going to be handled in the future. The old mistakes will be my guide to the new beginning. Being more responsible, practical and sensible if definitely one of my new year's resolution. I guess the rest of it shall be just between me and myself. I shall take my times to accomplish my goals and dreams. Patience is the key. I wish myself all the best and not forgetting you guys too. Hope you guys will be able to stick to your own New Year's Resolution. If you believe, you will.

Let me take you back to my past entry regarding the activities I wanted to do but have yet to find the time to do it. I am glad that I manage to actually complete a few of my "Christmas Wishes" in 2006.

I managed to watch Night at the Museum with dearest Nadira, Dine at Fish & Co. and of course a lil of the Shopping Spree.

So I shall re-list the activities I want to accomplish in '07.

1) Watch Harry Potter & The Order of Phoenix
2) Singapore Zoo
3) Cable Car Ride
4) Singapore Discovery Centre
5) Sentosa (Luge & Musical Fountain)
6) BumBoat Ride
7) Nasi Ayam Penyet adventure
8) Around the world in 80 days. Went to Arab, New York, America, Australia & France. Have yet to cover

I guess this is quite a realistic goal for '07. I know the list is getting shorter but i think it's more achievable. Hah!

The Start of the Year is mild for me. Nothing spectacular whatsoever happen. Only that soon it will be quite bittersweet as the day is approaching. It's difficult not to feel sad. Shall not dwell on it too much for now. We'll see once the time arrive.

The last few days of 2006 was Great! It adds up to the memorable events. I deduced that the unplanned events are the best events!

Today shall be resting day. Resting the mind and body in preparation for the work tomorrow. Back to work. No more enjoyment till weekend arrives.

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