21 January 2007

Recap of 3rd week of January

-Ate Nasi Ayam Penyet countless of times the particular week which make me wonder how many kilos I have gain so far.

-The treat from the superior. Chicken Briyani. A very generous quantity with 1/4 of a chicken packed for each person. A packet could have been shared among 2-3 people actually!

-The Departure. Awaiting for the return in 3 weeks.

-Bought the 3rd Handbag for the month. It looks what was said by Shikin like a First Aid box. I like it!

-Better week with the colleagues and work.

-A certificate of Paralegal in the pending stage. Most prob, I will give it a shot.

-My 1st ever weekend spent at home with my parents. It feels nice actually watching old movies together with them.

-Frequent Parkway parade this week for the abovementioned reason; Nasi Ayam Penyet.

Guess that was what I did the entire time I wasnt blogging. Partly also due to my laziness and early nights. I am so drained out for the unknown reason. I had sufficient rest at least. I cant wait for pay day 'cos i am almost broke. Thank goodness i have no plans this weekends and the coming weekdays. So my rountine life is back. Work and then back home for my early nights. Hehe. I even borrowed a few books to chase away the incoming boredom I forsee to be approaching soon. I am also laying out my ideas to revamp my tiny room into a cosy resting place.

It is finally Sunday and tomorrow I am back to work! At least that is one major form of distraction for me. I never really look forward to Monday like i am now.

Ps: Anyone want to accompany me watch Cicak-man? I am quite keen to watch it.

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