10 May 2007

You know what..there are 1001 reasons for me to tempt me to scold vulgarities at this very moment. Actually, I had typed out a whole entry yesterday night and saved it in my comp but since I am in the office and feeling rather frust and presumably free so here I am typing my hearts content.

It had been a tight slap in the face after that very moment on. I never felt utterly awake like I did that very day. It was the truth and something need to be done. I have been trying to change the situation but it seems till now I have yet to appear convincing enough.

I dont know how long will this be like till the realisation come into view.

It really hurts to know that someone was hurt because of me. And it hurts twice as bad when you know that someone was hurt because of your ignorance. Your self-centeredness.

Perhaps no one will understand this but it is enough for me to jot it down some where.

There is no more to be said but I am not done trying.

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