01 May 2007

Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday to my Dad. His birthday falls on 23rd April but I only managed to post up the birthday wish on 1st of May. Blame it on the computer. Fair enough.

May you Allah bless you and improve your health.

Hello! It seems like a decade after my last entry. There have been the norm and the out of the norm happening throughout the entire April. I gained alot of useful lessons. Fortunately, I didnt lose anything. Did alot of catching up with various group of people and I must say it was great.

Oh i forget to mention this..Some things never changed no matter how long it seems. That always bring back wonderful old memories.

Nad and me finally met after a month.
Met my poly friends. Two of them to be exact. Updates.
Establish great friendship with a colleague. Shared experiences.

I cant wait to watch the play after what seems like a year of not watching it. I have lost touch with my dramatic sides for quite some time. This is a very good time to rekindle that ties.

Oh! I like to wish all those who have work their asses to earn a living.
Happy Labour Day!

To those NS men out there, enjoy your booking out time. Back to the civilisation.

See it take ages to type out an entry i tell you. I will update again once I get a new PC soon.


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