13 June 2007

I finally get down to this theory..

Roses by any name smell as sweet


Shits by any name smell as BAD!

I now believe in this phrase.."Shits happen for a reason"

If you put it scientifically, through what I have grasp from all those Science lessons..
Human excretes by-products known as faeces or commonly known as shit to remove toxins and other unwanted waste from the body.


If you put it with reference to Life..
All bad things happen for a reason. It allows one to learn the meaning of hardship.

I finally bringing myself to blog once more. After the previous short entry I composed, I decided to be more detailed with this one.

30th May 2007 Eve of Vesak Day

Another date with my cousin equates to another late night movie outing. We just loves watching movie together. Haha!
Pirates of Carribean was our movie choice and since the next day was a Public Holiday we watched it at a later timing. Pirates was fun despite me getting lost in the middle 'cos I didnt watch the POC 2. As usual after a late night together, my cousin would surely sleep-over my place and talk alot!
We had a great time till 2am when both of us dozed off in the middle of a conversation. -_-"

8th June 2007 Being Bitchy

After soooo long, I met Nadira. It was approximately about 2 months since we last met. So long ago I tell you. We definitely missed the bitching and goofing around. I think bitching is definitely therapeutic looking at the stress level and work load in the office. I want to do it again. It gets to tiring to keep it inside too long. You might explode any time. So dont hold it back just BITCH it out!

9th June 2007 Advanced Birthday celebration

On the 11th was my brother's birthday. So we celebrated it with a sumptous dinner at a Seafood restaurant. Nothing that spectacular actually. So shall skipped the details.


10th June 2007 IT day

Headed down to Funan IT mall to do some cammie hunting. I ended up at Challenger (I cant believe myself sometime) and even enjoying the trip down there. Looking at my atrocious IT knowledge I was awed by the different electronice gadgets on the shelves. I am so JAKUN. But it think it's okay to be and at least I am now one notch higher in my IT knowledge.

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