18 September 2007

First and foremost, pardon my previous entry which was confusing and misleading.
If you happen to try and decipher the impossible, I say quit trying.
If you happen to wonder is there any turbulence admist my relationship, I say no. It is smooth-sailing for a-matter-of-factly.
Therefore, let the entry go since it does not concern anyone.

Oh what a beautiful month it is now.
A holy month for us to start appreciating what we have in life and stop brooding about what we fail to have.

In this wonderful Ramadhan, I hope to obtain the sense of fulfillment in life.
I hope to be a better person wholly and eradicate the negative thoughts I once had for good.
Life is too short to for us to be constantly living it in misery, hatred and unhappiness.
There are other issues worthy to be taken care of.

Don't fret over those things that should be taken care by fate.
Don't stoop so low over the one you think that is inferior to you because they may have the goodness in them you fail to see.
Don't laugh at people's dream because they are much better than those who just laugh.
Don't be too disheartened by a single failure because success is 99% failure.
Lastly, don't smirk at this entry because there might be more than what meets your eyes.

To All my dear fellow Muslims,
Happy Ramadhan!

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