17 November 2007

You know what I miss the most right now?
I miss YOU. *sigh*

I finally get my hands on acting once over again and it never felt better. Only that certain things just aint the same. With all that said, they aint a bad bunch afterall. Haha! Maybe you just cant judge from what you see because they might deceive you. Just like how I was deceived by certain people. I need to expect the unexpected.

The short get-to-know session really tells alot about someone. How they view things and how they react to it. I think sociology and human psychology are two subjects that's worth studying for. HAHA!

I am mentally shag right now but I cant seem to sleep. Since it'll be quite difficult to put things into sentences let me random for once here.

So let the ball rolling...

I hate public declaration of love and lust. Eww..Please keep them private ya.
The older you get, the more insensible you are. Sheesh.
Leave the guy who put his dream before anything else including you. He's not worth the catch.
Being silly helps to calm nerves.
I am surprise by how well I get along with unexpected people.
Still unhappy about the two buggers.
Learn to listen ONLY to the good things. Your life will be blissful rest assured.
I like certain moments to be Private and Confidential. So stop asking.
Talking about feelings, you cant be very confident about it because you will never know what's in store for you.
Be careful what you wish for 'cos it can backfire. *winks*
The two years worth more than anything else in the WORLD.
Life is getting taxing at my end.

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