19 February 2008

Been away for a very long time..

Here’s what I have been up to since my last update:-

CNY’s Break

It was the best ever! Enjoyed it thoroughly till I had to drag myself out of bed on the Monday morning for work. Sianzzzz..

Went out with him almost everyday. Watched Sweeny Todd the 6th February and he was sweet enough to accompany despite the fact it’s a Thriller. The movie was okay and Johnny Depp was fabulous as usual.

On Friday, my first ever picnic and I cooked! Wahaha! Don’t ask me how I managed to do it without burning my entire kitchen. It was pure luck. CNY remember?

Cant get enough of each other? Again, we went out on Saturday but for a short while.

So the bottomline, CNY was spent solely with him. Haha!

Oh I forget to jot this..
I WAS under depression and at the verge of giving up all hope.
I even took leave from work on Tuesday just to clear the mess in my mind and also to allow the puffiness reduce in size.
That relaxation really works its magic!


Oh well, SMSed my Valentines’ day wishes to the ladies. No flowers or chocolates for me AGAIN. He didn’t believe in ALL these. Sheesh! What to do..Haha!

Despite that, I think it was a sweet evening.

Company’s CNY Dinner

BORING! *capitalize and bold*
Nothing new I suppose. The only difference is what I had that day. Hilarious!
Shall post up my 5 course dinner pictures soon.

I was supposed to meet up with Nadira after CNY dinner but cancelled it ‘cos it’s too late. Had phone conversation with her instead. A great one indeed. :)


Now, I’m praying hard that my application get through and things go on smoothly.
It’s alright if they don’t support me.

I have him, her and them with me!
That’s enough for me to rock the world!

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