04 July 2008

Anyone who has yet to watch Angelina Jolie in action in her new movie WANTED might want to catch it this weekend. I shall not proceed to comment about the movie as my comments won’t do much justice to this great movie.

Yet another overdue entry from me. School starts OFFICIALLY on 30th June 2008 and my level of frustration is beyond words. The Administrative Department is in total mess and they are extremely annoying. Should have take the hints and heed the advices. My mistake for poor judgment and I cant back out now. I shall take this like a hit and run case.

On the brighter note, the law lectures seem pretty smooth sailing and impressive. To top it all, I will be graduating under UOL like any other. Need to work EXTRA hard. Especially in terms of obtaining relevant resources.

Hey Hey! I am a more positive person now. Shikin..I am not so negative afterall okay. Haha!
As mentioned in my earlier entry, I love the current materials I am reading. It’s like soul cleansing session.

Talking about cleansing..I want to have my Spa indulgence soon. Before the fasting month. I hope the plan goes on well and we shall head for our getaway session in August. I really REALLY need it badly!!

I have been trying to crack my brain to find places which I can visit during the weekend. Singapore is getting very very crowded I tell you! Well..well.. I have found a few good places to visit. You will be surprise what you can find in “Ulu pandan” places such as Toa Payoh, Sengkang and Hougang! HAHAHAHA!! I’m lovin’ it!

It’s 5:44pm!! Whee! TGIF!!! Hurrah!! Packing up now. Office under renovation and I am under isolation period. Feeling lonely in a room all to myself!!!! Or at least can increase productivity..(Ya right!) hmmmm…

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