18 March 2006

Finally.. Like finally I get back my internet connection.
It's been 3 torturous months without internet access and it's difficult life without internet.
Oh well, I forget to thank you guys who came down to support us in Tainted Flower.
Thanks to Mas and Shah for the Flowers & Fadz for the drawing..
I have yet to blog about the production in details but heck it have been weeks after the production.
As usual, like every other productions the casts and crew eventually get closer and more comfortable with each other..
We even hang out together at times which reminds me of those old times in Dramatec.
I even forge new friendships in Yellow Chair and apparently I get closer to Sue and Ella.
They are nice people and I can really talk to them..Now my circle of friends has expanded.
How nice! Hehe!
Oh yah..One more interesting thing I discovered after Tainted Flower is how everybody is connected in different ways.
Muzill was shaiful's and my primary sch friend who now is the BF of Dhaniah's lil sis who was my ELDDS junior who is now Sue's junior.
Then, there's Din who was Faizal's classmate in JC and Fazli who is Syima's and Faizal's fren who was my counsellor junior back in secondary school.
You see how all of us are connected?! Strange but true! Haha!

Next, the progress in Yellow Chair..It's nice to see the spirit of the members..Very optimistic yet realistic about the whole club. I'm proud to be in the club eventhough I did very minimal contribution so far. Shaiful, if you are reading this thanks for the opportunity and approaching me to join the club in the first place. You rock ah! Hehe! It's amazing how we was never close before can still keep in contact till now. Unlike some individual.

I'm still in search of job for now and I envy those who already get a job and have the money to spent. I'm so jealous. I need the money sey! Shit ah!
Since now I'm back to the virtual world I'll be more actively sending out my resumes and cover letters to companies and hopefully I can start to write Cerpen again.

Anyway, I shall end this now..Will continue it some other day. Cya!

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