11 June 2006

I decided to drop another entry here.
It's more like movie review and my ratings for each. Since this June there are countless of good movies to watch I shall narrow your options a little (or is it too late now? hehe).
-Over the Hedge-
Relive your childhood days by watching this super humorous cartoon in the cinema. Accompanied by adorable characters it will sure make your day when you are feeling down or sad. Perfect monday blues movie too! You need not have to be a kid to enjoy this one.
It teaches alot about friendship as well :)
My rating: 4.5/5
-The Da Vinci Code-
At first the book seemed unappealing to me. I remembered a year back, I was forced to read the book which I apparently ended up reading the 1st few pages of it. However when the movie was released, I was interested to watch it. Curious how the ending will be like and all.
Plus the good leads made it even a must watch for me. After watching, it was the most satisfying, money-worthy movie I ever seen. The long duration is not the issue. So if you still have yet to watch it, do it now!
My rating:5/5
Alright that's it for my movie review. An outdated one I must add. I bet 99.9% of the readers here have watched both. Hehe.

Buzzing off. Be back soon.

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