30 July 2006

There are few blogs that I often visit due to several reasons..
1) The way they write their stuffs..It entertains me! (i can even laugh out loud reading it)
2) I'm plain bored..
3) I love looking at some edited pictures ( Shahdon's blog lah who else rite?)
4) I'm just kepo and enjoy reading what have been happening to people's life.

Now I'm so happy!!
Why you ask? Eh or you guys don't even bother?
Nvm I shall tell anyway..Hehe!
I bought the HAMTARO already!
I mean the soft toy I have been talking about in my previous entry.
So CUTE!! So round..
Very huggable!
Eh correction..Not I bought it..
I got it F.O.C!
That's the best part about it.
I'm cheapskate i know but it's not a sin what being one.
It just benefit you! Hehe!

It's very VERY dark rite now!
Nope it's not power failure but it's the weather!
So windy= Perfect timing to sleep!
Change topic, change topic. I'm not here to blog about the weather in any case. Just sidetracking you know. I always do that. Oh now what am I about to say? Ah! I remember already..
I read someone's blog and it made me laughed real hard. Funny! It was a great start to a Sunday morning.
It was entertaining but at the same time something caught me attention.
A common mistake ALOT of people did.
The common phrase people use..
"Eh, rambut aku botak ah"
Aik..Kalau dah botak macam mana lak ada ada rambut?
Kan botak tu takde rambut..
Translation: "Alamak, my hair bald lah.."
Wahaha! Where got such things one?
Bald means no hair what..
You think what? Bald is the new Armani izzit?
Nonsense ah!
ok ok..I just feel like putting it here and try observing this next time.

Watched Suria Segar just now! Hahaha!
What a program to watch early in the morning.
Alah same lah like Selamat Pagi Sigapura or in direct translation Good Morning Singapore!
What attracted me to watch it was the fact the special guest is Alfian Sa'at.
Not that I'm a die-hard fan of him but it's the fact that he's gonna promote the upcoming show..
Now I really feel like watching it.
Very tempted to watch it.
And..I have yet to watch Pirates of Caribbean!!!!! *cries*
AND today is the last day Cabaret is showing!!!!! *cries some more*

It's frustrating ah..If you are broke and money is making its way to you freaking slowly!!!
And I still want the SHADES!!
Bugis Market here i come!
*fly away*

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