01 August 2006

First day of work was definitely a good beginning of my career as a Litigation Secretary.
Colleagues are extra nice, lawyers curious what I learnt in my course and where i was attached to and my working place covered with FILES. Lots of them.
I was busy or should i say "step" busy on my first day.
It was quite an enriching experience.
Learnt the litigation procedure.
Introduced to Syariah Law & the manager made me read about it.
I brought it home and still have yet to finish reading it.
Have to get use to facing computer for long hours. Typing letters.
I'm proud of myself since today I typed numerous letters and faxed it too!
Yes I learnt to operate the fax machine! Finally! Hurray!
And i discovered the shocking truth about lawyers..

They have the WORSE handwriting ever! Tsk tsk..

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