27 February 2007

I am beginning to get very irritated with this advance blog system. The more advance it is the more haywire things appear. Simplicity is bliss i tell you guys. Too much complication leads to loads of irritation of the mind and soul. Haha! What the hell..Even my words are getting all mess up now.

Before I start at anything, I very much hope you faithful readers out there are able to read this current entry of mine because apparently some of you guys out there cant even read my current entry despite me updating it more frequently. Stupid blogger. I have never experience technical difficulties with it but now..Too many problems too little time to solve it. It's a chore i tell you.

Let me put up a Public Announcement here..
ATTENTION DEAR SHOPPERS who apparently love shopping at GIANT HYPERMARKET @ BEDOK. Kindly note that GIANT is closing down as at 1st March 2007. It is moving to Tampines (i think). Any last minute shopping to be done at the mentioned place, please do so before the mentioned date. Thank You.
I'm totally going to miss GIANT. It practically house all the necessities. I am so going to miss the chicken!! I shall go and buy it tomorrow! The last day!
By the way, Sing Shiong is taking over GIANT. Haha!

10+4=Fourteen :)

I hate to blog nowadays since there is almost nothing to blog about. My life have been going in the same cycle day in day out. No variation. I am getting bored of the mundane lifestyle I am leading but I am in no position to vary it either. In fact nothing much can be done. Work takes up majority of the time and week. 9am-6pm. 8 freaking hours of my life gone just like that! If you multiply by 5 meaning 40 hours per week spent slogging in the office. How nice! Then that leave me with the rest of the hours to do anything I like. If I deduct 7-8 hours of sleep daily I need. I barely have much time for leisure. I can only find leisure on every Saturday which is definitely not enough. I have to choose who to spend it with, what to do and I dont have 24 hours on Saturday to do alot either. Then come Sunday..The time I need to recharge for Monday. No wonder it is known as Monday Blues. You totally have to drag yourself out of the weekend mode back to reality. Haiz. Utterly depressing.

On the brighter note, March is going to bring me a slight variation though to my lifestyle. Meeting new people from two different courses. Hopefully that is something worth while. And great! Just by typing this entry it ate up 1/2 hour of my free time. Bloody hell I am turning psycho here. I am turning calculatively psycho. I need professional help fast?! Hmm..

Please ignore my craps. It's not worth reading seriously. This is just one of my moments I choose to do brainless stuff so pardon me for typing this senseless entry. It just keep me being me for a few hours at least. Errr..I am not making any sense at all! Shucks. Ok let's just call it a day now.

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