27 February 2007

Random activities to be done

I want to type out some things I need to do before JULY arrives. You know what it spells for? GST.

  1. Visit a few eating venues that will satisfy my eating desire (Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Fish & Co. and probably Arab Street)
  2. Shop for J.Lo's perfume. (I forget the name but I know the bottle is beautiful and smell so sexy)
  3. Stock up on my office wear+ casual attire.
  4. At least 2 more pair of shoes
  5. 1 big/medium bag
  6. DigiCam (I guess this should move up the list and receive higher priority than the rest)
  7. Please please..Can I go to the Zoo before July? Pretty please..

I think it is enough up till July. I really need to accomplish all these. I hope I can. Pocket, please allow me to. Hehe!

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