15 March 2007

I have been postponing the updates for two weeks now. It is not that I dont want to update but I hardly can find time to drag myself in front of the PC and type a decent entry nowadays. It is super madness the past few weeks.And I envy those who are having their 1 week school holidays now. Ya I know it is just a short holiday but if you ask me I would be very contented to have that 1 week holiday. Beggars cant be too choosy. They cant afford to.

Now that March has arrive, there are plenty to be done. The need to clean up my room have been long postponed due to limited time available to do the said. Then it come to outings. Weekends are always not enough. 2 days wont be enough especially when you want to meet too many people at the same time. When you want to catch up with numerous people.

All that aside, am doing exceptionally better at work. There are definitely more to learn but I assume I have gain sufficient to carry out daily tasks assigned.

Guess at work I am not only doing paperworks but also acting as Nutritionist. Haha! Aint that bad afterall. At least I still able to put my diploma to good use. It isnt a waste.

I am dying for 26th March to arrive. If you know what I mean. *grins*

I am having major headache now due to excessive exposure to the glaring computer screen. That is also another reason why it's been awhile since I updated my dearest blog.

I have too much to tell till I have lost my train of thoughts and now am left with nothing to share. Great! This is what severe headache do to you at times like this.

I think now you people should get my point. To those extremely slow ones I shall not beat around the bush and get straight to the point.Time for me to make a move. Will try to cook up one excellent entry soonest.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours faithfully

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